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We use a “Wellness Approach” to health care.

We use several techniques to determine how to handle your health needs: Heart Rate Variability, Kinesiology, Chiropractic analysis, Blood tests, Saliva tests, and Nutrition Response Testing.

There are three causes of dysfunction in the body; physical trauma, chemical toxicity and stress. It is important to find the underlying cause of your health problems in order to improve the function of your body and maintain or regain your health.

  1. Physical trauma can cause misaligned bones that lead to neurological damage. Chiropractic adjustments are useful in correcting subluxations (neurological pressure) that can sabotage our health.Chemical toxicity is a huge problem today, there are thousands of chemicals in our food, air and water. Toxins build up in our tissues and can cause organ dysfunction and serious health problems. Keeping our diets as healthy as possible and ensuring that our bodies are detoxing themselves properly is critical in maintaining health.

    Stress is a unavoidable fact in our fast paced lives, but if we are healthy we should be able to handle most stress. Daily stress levels can exhaust the adrenal glands and the nervous system which can lead to many health problems. Adrenal glands make hormones that affect sleep, digestion, body fat, blood glucose levels, estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, allergies/asthma, fatigue and more. Adrenal function can be evaluated quickly without any invasive tests and can be improved with diet and nutritional supplementation.

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