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We Are The Bandits

The Gwinnett Bandits is an ever-expanding youth travel baseball organization. Our organization was founded on not simply fielding competitive teams and teaching the fundamentals of baseball, but with a focus on achieving success by helping young men build character, focus on teamwork, and practice good sportsmanship. These objectives are accomplished through our work on the diamond, but also outside of Baseball.

Our organization was founded by a veteran of the United States Marine Corps, Gwinnett Bandits Baseball prides itself as always being upfront and honest with its families and players. The coaches provide their expertise not only for the team they are currently coaching, but also attend practices of the other teams within the organization leading to well-rounded players.

Our organization is self-sustaining, a non-profit organization and 501(c)(3) approved. Contact Us if you’re interested in becoming a sponsor.



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We are adding teams and are looking for dedicated and energetic players who want to learn, grow, and play a lot of baseball! We have a lot to offer including our own indoor training facilities, paid coaching staff for older age groups, destination tournaments, and lots more!

2023 Coaching Staff

John Lamay
Charlie Padilla
Tyler Zak
Todd Kessler
Josh Carriere
Ryan Cosby
Luke Stonecypher
Mauri Miller
Josh Johnson

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Partners & Sponsors

At the Gwinnett Bandits, we are incredibly grateful for the support of our partners and sponsors. Their unwavering commitment to our team has enabled us to thrive and reach new heights. We appreciate the opportunity to collaborate with such exceptional organizations who share our passion for excellence. With their generous contributions, we are able to provide unparalleled experiences and enhance the community spirit that surrounds the Bandits.

Our partners and sponsors play an integral role in our success, and we value the strong relationships we have built with each of them. Their support fuels our drive to push boundaries, inspire others, and leave a lasting legacy.

About Youth Baseball

Our travel baseball organization offers countless benefits for young players. Engaging in youth baseball enhances physical fitness, teamwork, and discipline. Through our expert coaching, players develop crucial skills such as leadership, communication, and sportsmanship. The Bandits provide a platform for building lifelong friendships and fostering a sense of belonging.

Our program instills dedication and time management, preparing players for future challenges. With a focus on skill progression, players experience personal growth while having fun. Join the Gwinnett Bandits for an unforgettable journey of skill honing and character building on and off the field!

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